Zak Khanat

Self-taught, Sydney-based artist Zak Khanat has been tattooing since 2006, and holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from the St George School of Fine Art. He became part of the LDF team at the beginning of 2013. He has always had an interest in art and tattooing and paints in a studio in St Peters. Working across both painting and tattooing allows him the scope to borrow ideas between the two mediums, and apply the knowledge from one to the other: “I learn new things every day.” He admires many styles and periods of classical art, ranging from Romanticism and Impressionism to Expressionism. He’s also a fan of current tattoo artists like Tim Hendricks, Mike Rubendall and Grime. Zak is comfortable tattooing across a broad range of styles; from traditional, old-school to new-school; and black-and-grey to a bold, full-colour palette.

Zak works Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Instagram | @zk_tattoo