Samira Helmy

Samira’s talent for drawing was encouraged at an early age when her mother, in an attempt to sleep longer in the mornings, gave her early-rising 3-year-old a packet of textas and encouraged her to make art all over her bedsheets. Textas and bedsheets led to the formal study of graphic design at Randwick Technical College. After graduating in 1992, she worked as a freelance illustrator, a designer, and also in the film industry. But it was tattooing – an art form she’d always been passionate about – that was her ultimate destination. Samira joined the LDF team in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. She is happy working across all styles, with a particular interest in pin-ups. A fan of low-brow and comic-book art, she also admires the art of the Surrealists: “There are lots of artists that I think are pretty amazing – I find I’m always looking at other work, both overseas and locally. I look at their work and get blown away.” And if for some unforeseen reason, she couldn’t work as a tattoo artist? “There literally isn’t anything else I want to be doing. It’s the end of the line for me.”  

Samira works at the Marrickville studio Thursdays to Mondays.