Cory Ohrman


Originally from Albury/Wodonga (he spent time on both sides of the border), Cory left high school with the knowledge that for him, “it was all about tattooing”. He moved to Sydney and began working as a tattoo artist in Bondi in 2008. He joined the LDF team in January 2013.

Cory has always worked across an eclectic mix of styles: “I’ll see a style I like, and try to take it on.” He loves old-school-style Sailor Jerry, which is reflected in much of his work, but also anything with darker, cult themes. Motifs like snakes, spiders and demons are a strong feature in his work and he likes creating custom tattoos along these themes.

He describes his own style as “neo-traditional but I also like the lighter stuff – I like to mix it up a bit.” Cory collects a bit of tattoo flash and can often be seen rendering his own customs. He’s worked on some beautiful large-scale black and grey pieces, and his colour work is vibrant and concise.

 Cory works at our Newtown studio Friday to Tuesday.

INSTAGRAM: @coryohrmantattooer